My name is Diana Stanciu. When I was a little girl, I wanted to become a model, a painter and a writer. So, my mom took me to a private piano tutor and signed me up for ballet classes. When I was alone at home and had to practice, I used to run away from the piano, and start parading up and down from one corner to the other, dressed in fluffy clothes. Then I would just sit in a corner and paint with my fingers on paper or on glass. I spent most of my time in the world of fairytales or at the cinema. Therefore, every night, before falling asleep, I used to write my own stories in my head, thinking of various scenarios. My inner voice wrote millions of scenarios, until one day I decided to write my own scenario: my own life. Nowadays, I own a modelling agency, I’m a photographer and I believe that people’s souls are painted in thousands of colors. I invite you to become a part of my new project: WHAT DREAMS MAY COME. It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you come from or how you may look like. I just want to hear your story and even show it to other people. Maybe your story will inspire somebody else in this world. Maybe your dream is just lost somewhere among other people’s dreams. Write me a message with your story – what you wanted to be when you were little and what do you do nowadays – on my facebook page "Diana Stanciu" and if you are selected, I will contact you in order to take a picture of you and post it along with your message.


Dream no.1 - The Photographer - "My name is Bogdan Nemes. I have never ever had a clear dream for my future in my childhood. I didn’t get the chance to have those parents that could teach me to dream; mine were that type that would stop you from any attempt to progress and, just like many other parents, they weren’t even close to understanding a child’s psychology. So, in most of my childhood, I just wanted to have a place where I could stay alone. The thought that freaked me out was that I would become like many others: mediocre, insignificant, dispensable, a guy that only exists, having nothing to offer. It wasn’t a dream; it was fear. Generally, I went through life running from one to another corner, not knowing what I really wanted or where I would be heading, trying to escape the chains of a confuse and a shitty teenage. At the moment, I can’t tell if I’m right there where I wanted to be as I still feel insignificant and most of the times I feel that I just exist, but what I’ve learned for the past 12 years since I was reborn in another environment than the one in my childhood and my adolescence, stimulated me a lot. Today, I’m known for the easiest thing that I can do: photography. I hate being labeled as a “photographer”; this is just a commonplace."


Dream no. 2 - The Collector - "Hi my name is Cristian Sebastian Sandu. When I was a little boy I dreamed of joining Nikon, my favorite camera brand. Before photography I was into drawing, my family wanted me to study architecture, but faith had something else planned for me. I started with a Panasonic, a compact one because I couldn't afford a DSRL, but it had manual. Started teaching myself after a friend showed me some tricks I could do with that device and so it began my obsession with cameras. Now I'm a freelance photographer, I work for Nikon in London and slowly growing my collection of 20+ film/digital cameras."


Dream no. 3 - The Machinist - "My name is Geo. I don’t remember my childhood dreams. I played Cronos on HC before starting K-12. My parents enrolled me to the Pascal class in primary school. I went on Saturdays and we did the tasks as fast as we can so we can play Dyna on those Intel 286. I also went to the karate class for 4 years, but it was not for me. The only sport that fascinated me was chess. My folks did not see that. I used to stop out of nowhere in the park and watched elder people playing chess. I wanted to be enrolled into a chess school. I dreamt of playing every Saturday with other kids. I imagined being Kasparov and newspapers writing about me as the winner of any and all chess tournaments around the globe. I hid away this part of my imagination when they bought a Pentium II. I was in the 7th grade. I am one of the few people who finished Warcraft 1. Only in the 11th grade I started discovering the real world. My first dream was already set in my mind and soul: to get a job at Blizzard (because of D2). When I prepared for the national test at the end of the 8th year of school, I hid Jules Verne’s books under the boring literary reviews. For the Baccalaureate exam my history courses covered all the time any fiction book I found interesting at that point. The PC was off limits for me. :)) When I was 24 years old I still played a lot in my late student years. My pals gave me the hint to apply for a job at an online gaming company. Nowadays I work for another gaming startup. I play! My dream is to buy Blizzard! I play chess against a computer on my iPhone and I follow Kasparov on Twitter. Who would have believed that?"


Dream no. 4 - The Model, my Model - "My name is Antonia Anton. Not so long ago, when I was just a child, I would beg my mother to take me to the place where that tall and serious man would skilfully handle machines and lights. Just a few minutes later, small replicas of myself would appear on paper and I could see in them hopes and dreams. My biggest dream was to become a model and I would foolishly march around the house thinking that the hall was a huge catwalk. My passion was so naïve that everyone who has ever photographed me did cherish me surprisingly fast. Like many other people, I also feel a little bit insecure with my body and I often find myself wanting to be like this or like that in order to be admired for my beauty. As the time passed, I realised that beauty also comes from the inside and that no body, no matter how perfect, will ever be appreciated unless its glow comes from the soul as well. I wish I were closer to the people I care about and help them as much as a 17 years old girl could, keeping in mind that in time I would be able to help them even more and be a real support. Summing everything up, my dream of becoming a model and the hope that I would bring changes to those around me, I can proudly admit that I feel fulfilled and why not, happy! The beggining might be childish, but so am I . I am the kid with both initials “A”, the kid that wants to love and be loved."


Dream no 5 -The MIRACLE - It’s a nice thought to know that you were born on this world because at some point, sometime, you were somebody else’s dream. Miracles come from small things and simple people, with worm hearts. Miracle is my grandmother, who once desired children. Miracle was when she gave birth to two amazing children, like her. And then I was born, carrying my parents passions and talents. “My name is Elena and I have always dreamed of my own family. Back then, life wasn’t easy. When I was 8 years old, I was already working. And I was doing that out of respect for my parents. I met your grandfather at a dance ball on my early age 19. At that age, daughters were going to dance balls only with mothers. All the girls wanted to have him as a partner on the dance floor, because he was the best. But he only had eyes for me. And I fell in love with him because he made me laugh. And he made me laugh for 46 years. 46 years I took care of our things, our home, our family, our marriage. We both wanted a house. So we drew it on the ground with a stick and we started to build it. After your father, we really wanted a girl. When she was born, he was bursting with happiness and laughter on the street! A child is part of you. Because deep down in you heart, you feel that you have a purpose. And every smile or gesture of him, make your heart grow even more. Even a simple move of his hands or head, fascinates you like a story. Everywhere I see baby clothes on the wire, I say to myself : these people have a purpose in life!" Sometimes I think that my path in life is guided by her prayers. Angels are here, on Earth. They are the people who pray for us, for the miracle of being ALIVE each day.


Dream no 6 -The Estranged - “ My name is Elena Neagoe. When I was little, my dream was to become an actress and not because of my ability to change mood, but because I could imagine myself in each person's shoes. I could've been anyone. Until one day when I had to put on my own shoes and start walking through the unknown. That was the day I said goodbye to my parents, while doing my best not to show them I was breaking. That was the day I left Romania. I didn't see it coming, as I made so many plans for myself.. none of them was good enough. I felt like leaving half of myself with the loved ones, hoping I can make it through with just one half. And it was tough. To live in a foreign country, far away from all that you know as familiar, it’s not easy at all. You live day by day as an estranged person. I get used to that feeling, but it forced me to grow up. So I decided to come back.Today I am playing my own role- the most important, without having a script to read before I make it happen. I make the best of every moment of my life, in the best version of myself, in my own country.”


Dream no 7-The Messenger - "My name is Ziko Ziad and I have always dreamt to be a bank robber....I don’t know why, but when I was a small child, I thought it would be so nice and fun! That's because when you are a child, everything that grownups do is so damn interesting and all seems like a big adventure. Well, I am not a bank robber today, but I still believe that life is nothing but a big adventure. So I travel the world, wherever the life leads me. Yesterday Spain, today here, tomorrow Paris. Never miss an opportunity to discover a new place, a new town, a new person. That’s how I got here, also…To tell you that life is not meant to be lived in a single place."

What Dreams May Come