My name is Diana Stanciu. When I was a little girl, I wanted to become a model, a painter and a writer. So, my mom took me to a private piano tutor and signed me up for ballet classes. When I was alone at home and had to practice, I used to run away from the piano, and start parading up and down from one corner to the other, dressed in fluffy clothes. Then I would just sit in a corner and paint with my fingers on paper or on glass. I spent most of my time in the world of fairytales or at the cinema. Therefore, every night, before falling asleep, I used to write my own stories in my head, thinking of various scenarios. My inner voice wrote millions of scenarios, until one day I decided to write my own scenario: my own life. Nowadays, I own a modelling agency, I’m a photographer and I believe that people’s souls are painted in thousands of colors. I invite you to become a part of my new project: WHAT DREAMS MAY COME. It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you come from or how you may look like. I just want to hear your story and even show it to other people. Maybe your story will inspire somebody else in this world. Maybe your dream is just lost somewhere among other people’s dreams. Write me a message with your story – what you wanted to be when you were little and what do you do nowadays – on my facebook page „Diana Stanciu” and if you are selected, I will contact you in order to take a picture of you and post it along with your message.

Dream no 1 -The MIRACLE – It’s a nice thought to know that you were born on this world because at some point, sometime, you were somebody else’s dream. Miracles come from small things and simple people, with worm hearts. Miracle is my grandmother, who once desired children. Miracle was when she gave birth to two amazing children, like her. And then I was born, carrying my parents passions and talents. “My name is Elena and I have always dreamed of my own family. Back then, life wasn’t easy. When I was 8 years old, I was already working. And I was doing that out of respect for my parents. I met your grandfather at a dance ball on my early age 19. At that age, daughters were going to dance balls only with mothers. All the girls wanted to have him as a partner on the dance floor, because he was the best. But he only had eyes for me. And I fell in love with him because he made me laugh. And he made me laugh for 46 years. 46 years I took care of our things, our home, our family, our marriage. We both wanted a house. So we drew it on the ground with a stick and we started to build it. After your father, we really wanted a girl. When she was born, he was bursting with happiness and laughter on the street! A child is part of you. Because deep down in you heart, you feel that you have a purpose. And every smile or gesture of him, make your heart grow even more. Even a simple move of his hands or head, fascinates you like a story. Everywhere I see baby clothes on the wire, I say to myself : these people have a purpose in life!” Sometimes I think that my path in life is guided by her prayers. Angels are here, on Earth. They are the people who pray for us, for the miracle of being ALIVE each day.


I have been working at this project since 2015.

My dream is to collect 100 portraits and life stories behind the portraits, in order to publish them all in a book.

Wish me luck!!!

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