Dear stranger,
Let us meet each other with a smile, if you desire to know me better this way. You should know I find words quite limited for all the things I want to express, so I prefer to speak through images instead.
I had this dream.. I dreamed that the world is big enough to hide a playground where I can do whatever I want and whatever I love. Today, I capture in images everybody’s dreams. I photograph people, feelings, moods, colors, secrets…I enjoy every abstract or peculiar thing that draws my attention in such way I cannot explain.
I believe that beauty always steals a smile and I believe every corner of this giant world can turn into poetry.
I believe in magic, fantasy and I believe that everything we can imagine is real.
What about you, stranger?
If you happen to need something to believe in, please start with Yourself.
Just like Walt Disney used to say, “If you can dream it, you can do it!”
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